Audit Committee

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This advisory committee examines the Corporation’s financial statements, as well as the CMEQ chapters ones. It makes recommendations concerning these statements to the each chapter’s board of directors, to the executive committee and to the PCA. It examines the Corporation’s budget before it is submitted by the executive committee to the PCA and presented at the Corporation’s annual meeting. It verifies the Corporation's expenditures against administrative authorizations, the budget and Corporation regulations, and makes recommendations and observations to the executive committee and the PCA concerning any discrepancies noted. It ensures the Corporation’s books are audited by independent auditors. It monitors the performance of the Corporation's investment funds. This committee has five members with a one-year term. They meet four times a year. The Corporation’s treasurer attends committee meetings but does not have voting rights.

2018-2019 Members

Michel Bergeron (MA), président
Multi-Énergie Best inc.
Tél. : 819 378-6677

Gaétan Castonguay (QU)
G.G.C.I. Division atlantique
(Groupe Gaétan Castonguay inc.)
Tél. : 418 796-2997

Jean Larivière (MA)
Lartec (9032-2934 Québec inc.)
Tél. : 819 379-0941

Jean Simon Leblanc (OU)
Charmau électrique inc.
Tél. : 819 778-1313

Michel Boivin (ES)
JC Boivin ent. électricien inc.
Tél. : 819 843-9479

Érik Kingsbury (OU), trésorier
Eric Kingsbury électrique inc.
Tél. : 819 243-4884

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