Complaints Examination Committee

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This decision-making committee decides whether a complaint filed with the committee is admissible. It request any document or information necessary to perform its functions. It requests that the member targeted by the complaint be called by the Corporation before the committee on discipline or the qualification committee or that proceedings be instituted by the Corporation pursuant to section 28 of the Act. This committee has five members with a one-year term. They meet approximately ten times a year. Members of the committee on discipline, the appeal committee, the qualification committee and the review committee can not be appointed to the complaints examination committee.

2017-2018 Members

Réjean Vallée (VA), président
P. G. électrique inc.
Tél. : 450 373-2733

Brian Gordon (MO)
Inter-Provinciale électrique ltée
Tél. : 514 342-1664

Louis Côté (LA)
Côté électrique (1994) inc.
Tél. : 450 258-1192

Marc Guérin (LS)
Yves Guérin & fils inc.
Tél. : 450 656-8881

Richard Duval (MO)
Les installations électriques Richard Duval inc.
Tél. : 514 321-3262

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