About CMEQ

Discover CMEQ through its history, its missions, decision-making and corporate activities it organizes. Consult laws and regulations that govern it.

Mission and historic

Since 1950, CMEQ has been protecting the public by ensuring the competence and probity of Québec’s electrical contractors.

Decision structure

CMEQ is managed by a provincial council and administered by an executive committee. Each of the Corporation’s 17 regional chapters elects a board of directors.

Committees and Working groups

CMEQ has many permanent and ad hoc committees. It is also represented at several forums. See the list of these bodies and their members for more information.

CMEQ Staff

CMEQ’s staff is here to help you. To contact us, see the employee list.


The Corporation of Master Electricians of Québec is a vibrant professional association. As part of its mission to protect the public, CMEQ organizes and sponsors events to inform its members and the general public.