Decision structure

CMEQ is managed by a provincial council and administered by an executive committee. Each of the Corporation’s 17 regional chapters elects a board of directors.

Decision-Making Bodies

CMEQ represents more than 3,300 electrical contractors belonging to 17 regional chapters throughout the province of Québec. At the provincial level, the Corporation is led by an administrative council and managed by an executive committee.

Provincial Council of Administration (PCA)

The Provincial Council of Administration (PCA) is CMEQ’s highest authority. It establishes guidelines, policies and key priorities for the Corporation. The PCA is composed of 42 regional representatives and all 10 members of the provincial executive committee.

See the list of PCA representatives by region.

Executive Committee (EC)

The EC implements the PCA’s decisions and handles the Corporation’s routine administration. It has 10 members, including the former EC chair. The executive committee’s chair is also the president of the Corporation. Two vice-chairs, a treasurer, a secretary and four directors make up the rest of the committee. These positions are voted on by CMEQ members at the annual conference.

See the list of current EC members and CMEQ presidents since 1950.

Chapter Boards

Each of the Corporation’s 17 regional chapters elects a board of directors. Like the EC, each board has 10 members, including the chapter’s former chair.

See the list of chapter boards by region.

Election at CMEQ

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